Capturing Motion In A Photograph

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Now on to capturing motion in a photograph…

The other day I did my best to capture the fast motion of remote control planes, those little things really get up and move! I tried several times to pan along with the planes as they took off in hopes of showing the blur of the landscape as they whizzed by and did my best to freeze them when they zipped past up in the sky.

Here’s the two thoughts that I had in my head as I was trying to keep up with the pilots…

1. Shutter speed is the most important tool when conveying motion; a fast shutter can stop those little planes in mid-air while a slower one will show nothing but a colorful streak as they pass you by. Just remember that a faster shutter speed will require a wider aperture to let in more light, unless you happen to be aiming at the sky while watching planes pass in front of the sun, then you just may have more light than you know what to do with! (I’m still seeing spots.)

2. Panning is a great technique to use when trying to show motion. Slow your shutter down a bit and follow the moving object as you press the shutter release button; keep following the object until you hear that satisfying click that tells you you’ve captured it. This will keep that little plane fairly sharp while blurring the background.

(Ok, I guess I had three thoughts in my head.) The third one was “YIKES! Is he really going to fly that low as he goes over my head!!! How badly does this guy want a picture of his plane anyway!

Really the best thing I can tell you about capturing motion is; practice, practice, practice! Oh, and keep that monopod planted on the ground and be ready to spin around it! (I’m so dizzy.)

 Panning – (I could have slowed the shutter more for this one I think.)
250 mm – 1/320 – f/10 – ISO 100

Freezing – (I could have used a little faster shutter speed for this one.)
250 mm – 1/400 – f/10 – ISO 100

Any one else have any tips on capturing motion that they’d like to share?


2 thoughts on “Capturing Motion In A Photograph”

  1. Great shots! My son has an a/c airplane and I struggled with getting a decent shot. Thanks for the tips!

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