Our First Snow – And A Bonus Tip

Just the other day that wonderful little weather ap on my phone was telling me that it would stay in the 60’s all week…

It lied.

I looked out this morning only to see the snow coming down. Big fluffy flakes; and here it is noon and it’s still coming down.

So naturally I had to run out and snap a picture or two. 🙂 And that made me think that I should share a little tip with you. Bonus! A tip and it’s not even Tuesday! 🙂 Ok, so I don’t always stick to the schedule but that’s alright; you gotta shake things up once in a while .

Oh, back to the tip…

KEEP YOUR CAMERA DRY! That’s it; we all know that moisture is the enemy but we still want to run out for a quick shot of that fluffy white stuff every now and then. So just be careful and keep your gear dry by carrying a umberella, tucking it under your jacket, or do like I do and cover it with a large zipper baggie. Just make a hole for the lens to peek out of and seal that up with a rubber band and you’ll stay dry long enough to snap that picture of the snow man or the sledding race. Once back inside take care not to drip on  your camera as you remove the baggie; then close up your gear inside it’s nicely padded bag with silica gel packs and leave it alone for half an hour or so. Let it come back to room temperature slowly to help keep that moisture from forming inside. If you do get a drip on your camera dry it with your handy dandy microfiber cloth before placing it inside your bag.



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