The Big Project – or – ‘Twas The Last Days Of Summer

Here it is; Thanksgiving week already. That means the cat is finally out of the bag, the family has all been surprised with the big project and now I can share it with you! So without further delay here’s why I was gone for such a long time during September and October….

‘Twas The Last Days Of Summer
-karen h 2011

‘Twas the last days of summer and deep into fall

the saws they were a whirring; new doors to install.

Got help from a friend who has tools and great skills.

I’ll need to buy him lots of pain killing pills.

Ladders and scaffolding to climb up and down

borrowed from another good friend around town.

Got brushes, got rollers, painting to be done;

colors of choice Whispering Oaks Daybreak Sun.

Just one painted all day the evenings there were two

it wasn’t so long before this place looked like new.

How people do chatter the talk of the town.

Did it look that bad before? That makes me frown.

New caulk around windows, new caulk around doors,

seal it up tight before snow blows and rain pours.

Fill in those holes and replace that missing tin.

Got to stop that old leak call in the roofing men.

They will bring in more ladders and shingles of brown.

Now there’s no worries when that rain tumbles down.

Check out that clearance sale there’s gravel so cheap

weeds it can control if we pile in a heap.

The patio needs tables, needs chairs, and a shelf.

Bought tables, bought chairs, paint an old ladder myself.

Stood in the corner with plants and colorful pots

think it funny but compliments it gets lots.

Add many more colors with new cute garden gnomes;

fun little companions who bring luck to all homes.

Add decorative stones and glowing solar lights

they will be there to see in the days and the nights.

From hot weather to cool, a month filled with work.

I’m sure we’ll soon hear from the appraiser clerk.

The new paint is dry the new doors keep out cold.

Winter is coming or so I have been told.

Break down the scaffolding, now fold up those ladders.

It’s bar-b-que time! Now come fill up your platter.

It was a big project and a little fun too,

and now,  it sure does feel great,

to know we are through.


4 thoughts on “The Big Project – or – ‘Twas The Last Days Of Summer”

  1. Thanks ladies. We now know the answer to the age old question… “how long does it take one ol’ lady to paint a house?” 5 weeks! and that’s with help for the last couple of hours before dark every day, and for about an hour or so on weekends between rain storms.

    It was worth it to see the kids faces when they got home and saw it for the first time. L came home for a weekend while we were still painting and got to put a little paint on a window before the rain came down but K hadn’t seen it at all until this weekend.

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