Still More Holiday Treats!

Yep; the goodies are still pouring out of our little kitchen! Here’s three more recipe links for you; enjoy.

I cooked up a big batch of Marbled Orange Fudge and even if this picture didn’t turn out so great the fudge did! It’s soooo yummy!


And we’ve made a batch of good old chocolaty Microwave Fudge too; very rich and delicious! The easiest fudge you’ll ever make; big thanks to my old friend SM for sharing this recipe with us years ago.


One of the favorite appetizers/snacks around here is a recipe from #7 for Party Pinwheels; in fact D can’t show up at work on “Food Fest Day” without a big platter full of these. Well, not everyone loves them, K likes his own creation of Ham Wheels and made up a few of those today.

You gotta love the holidays! Calories don’t count on Christmas! 🙂



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