Sometimes I Wonder About Our Sanity

I spent part of our New Year’s Eve battling another stupid headache, I’m really getting tired of those things, but while I was only half paying attention to what was going on in the room I noticed that when it gets late and you’re having a good time with your family and playing a wild game of Monopoly some of the strangest things are said.

Have you ever just listened to a room of people? Sometimes I wonder about our sanity.

Picture yourself sitting off to the sidelines and listening in as we do battle over a brand new Monopoly game and watch the ball drop on TV (yep I was crazy enough to grab my phone and open up the note app and actually write down some of these crazy things)…

“It’s so pretty”

“That’s attractive”

“It must be alien night”

“Who you textin’?”

“My blanket smells like a dog”

“Shh mom’s head will explode”

“Let’s start this game again so you all can lose”

“I own it!”

“Whose turn is it anyway?”

“I’m thinking of a foot”

“Advance to go”

“Can you move me?”


“I need money”

“Is it your turn?”

“It’s mine I own it!!”

“Hey wake up it’s not napping time”

“I’m working on a rainbow”

“Did I win yet?”

“Do you dicker before you roll?”

“Shh you’re killing Mom”

“I have extendo legs”

“Go to jail, go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200”

“Why is my shoe upside down?”

“I feel pretty, oh so pretty”

“Go to jail”

“What’s that smell?”

“Is it my turn?”

“Where am I?”

“Draw your own money!”

“I’m going to need a shower after this pineapple”

“There’s no excuse nit to be educated”

“Are you a boat?”

“Did you sink the battleship?”

“Only in your universe”

“It’s gangster Monopoly!”

“Now she’s from outer space!”

“I had an inappropriate thought”

“Guy Smiley and Telly Monster told me it was New Year’s”

“I want number one”

“Where’s the dog?”

“It’s my turn; isn’t it?”

“Keep the change”

“Bieber, Santanna, and Beetles????”

“Very interesting”

“She’s cowering behind the chair”

“That’s a good cheeseball”

“Yep told you it was alien night”

“Whose idea was that?”

“I think the wind is stealing the roof!”

“doot dee doot dee do”

“You’re just jealous because I can scoot”

“Nobody loves me”

“Shh you’re going to kill Mom”

“Don’t text me!”

“These bills are sticky”

“I can’t land on anything!”


“Yum; fruit dip!”


“I’m out”

“Hey! Mom’s still alive!”



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