Do You Ever Feel Like Someone Is Watching You?

Just another random photo for you…

Do you ever feel like someone is watching you? I had that feeling today while Bella dog and I were out enjoying this wonderfully warm weather.

Warm weather during a Kansas winter?? Yep, I said warm weather; it was close to 60 today!

There we were walking down the dirt road and I kept hearing something and you know that feeling you get when someone is watching but you just can’t see them??

Well I had that feeling so I was looking around and sure enough we were being watched from the top of a near by power pole.

I’m not sure what kind of hawk this is but he was a well fed guy! Good thing too because I think he might have been sizing up Bella dog to decide if she was the lunch size, dinner size, or family size!

Oh, you caught me. I really don’t have that long of a lens; this photo is a nearly 100% crop from a wider shot. Check out the SOOC shot at the end of this post.

It must have been the day for hawks to be out and about because when we finally made it to the river [down the long dirt roads, through the baseball complex, down the hill, across the muddy pit, down another dirt road, and finally to the edge of the river; where my big brave Bella dog heard a gun shot and promptly started dragging me home where she headed for her favorite hiding place behind the big chair.]

Where was I?? Oh yes; it must have been the day for hawks to be out and about because when we finally made it to the river there was another bigger hawk darting about. I tried to capture his flight but was not very successful; guess hawks are harder to track as they dart across the sky than RC planes. I’ll have to take a look at those shots and see if there is anything there worth sharing on another day.

I hope you are all enjoying the weather in your part of the world no matter what it is. I have a feeling that we will pay for these beautiful days very soon. I just know that winter will hit and it will hit hard.


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