Photo Challenge ~ Food Photography Pancakes

Yummy! Don’t you just love a big ol’ stack of hot fluffy pancakes with butter and syrup?

Let’s just pretend that last weeks food photo of the applesauce never happened. That was such a bad shot.

This one I like. Could be better, maybe add a glass of OJ in the background, but I like the reflection of the pancakes in the syrup that has puddled up on the plate. What I don’t like is the reflection of the edge of the light tent in the syrup; guess I had the plate too close to the front of the tent.

photo taken in a tabletop light tent near a big sunny window with one small “studio” light on each side

40mm – 1/5 sec – f/11 – ISO 100


3 thoughts on “Photo Challenge ~ Food Photography Pancakes”

  1. I still have problems with getting lighting just right and my light tent I ordered is still awol. Must have a word with the place I ordered it from. This shot is not helping my resolve to lay off the carbs 😉

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