A Few Random Thoughts About Why 2012 Could Be A Good Year

I’m not the kind of person who reads their horoscope everyday or even the kind of person that believes in such things but you gotta admit that it’s kind of fun to read one every now and then for the entertainment. I’ve also never really put much stock in what a fortune cookie tells me; but I like to read them just the same. Shoot; it makes for some cheap entertainment at least.

However I wanted to share a couple of things about the kind of year I’m going to have. No I can’t see into the future; I’ve just been “told” that it’s going to be a good year.

The last time I opened a fortune cookie it said; “You will be fortunate in the opportunities presented to you in the coming year.”. Hey that sounds good to me! Well; at least if I’m presented with the right opportunities it could be a good thing. OK; I’ll take that one as a good sign.

The other day I opened up a familiar web page to check in on my junk mail e-mail address and it popped up with a big ol’ picture of the zodiac symbols and a link to an outlook for 2012. I followed the link just for some fun and found out that it’s supposed to be a good year for those of us born in the springtime. My outlook says; “Lucky Jupiter will bless your stars, you can expect to have the Midas touch in 2012.” Nice! I didn’t even know Jupiter was lucky. 🙂 It also went on to say; “Your luck will continue to build in the summer months and you will be grounded in positive energy. The second half of the year will bring great financial prosperity and opportunities to expand your talents.” I’ll take that; my talents need expanding and who couldn’t do with a little extra financial prosperity these days.

I saw a bulletin board a couple of weeks ago that was filled with Chinese zodiac signs and apparently I was born in the year of the snake.  So just for fun I googled “year of the snake” and found out that according to the Chinese zodiac we snake people can expect to have a great year. It told me that; my career will zoom high, that I will enjoy greater power and authority, and that I will be meeting new people and making important contacts. That all sounds good to me!

Here’s to looking forward to what just might be a better year than the last.


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