The Versatile Blogger Award! You Like Me; You Really Like Me!!

Ok; at least Kitty over at Miss Kitty Roads likes me. Kitty has awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award! Thank you Kitty you are so nice.

Now the best part of this whole blogging thing has been the interaction with other bloggers, the awesome comments from readers all over the globe, and the new online “friends” I’ve met. But hey! Who doesn’t like to get an award, after all they are pretty cool, and one awarded by your peers is the coolest.

There are many awards floating around the blogosphere that bloggers bestow on each other. Those awards are pretty awesome because they don’t require a nomination committee, or hidden ballots, or mudslinging campaigns. They are just simply there for one blogger to let another blogger know how much they enjoy reading all those fun posts. This one goes a step further and is also an awesome way for one blogger to let his/her readers know about even more great blogs.

If you really think about it the Versatile Blogger Award works a bit like those old chain letters that you used to get through that old fashioned paper mail; you know the stuff you once found in that cute little tin box hanging on the front of your house. A chain letter was the SPAM of the good old days and required you to copy the letter and send it on to a dozen friends and for those friends to send it on to a dozen more; and so on and so on. But what good did those ever do anyone? Not a darn thing. This however does some great things. It lets you the reader learn about other blogs that you may not have seen before; and it lets me the blogger have a little fun!

I did some searching with good ol’ Google and tried my darndest to locate any information about the history of the Versatile Blogger Award. I wanted to find out who started it and how long it has been passed around; I couldn’t find a thing. If anyone knows please fill me in. I did find a lot a great blogs that have received the award over the last several years and plan to revisit a few of them as time allows.

Ok; on with the fun….

There are a few rules to receiving the VBA that I must follow; the first one is to thank the person who nominated you and link to his/her blog. I’ve already taken care of that way back at the beginning of this long and windy post. The second is to nominate 15 other bloggers. That will be a little harder but here I go with my 15 nominees listed in no particular order other than complete randomness…

Going Dutch

Our Fine House

The Suburban Misfit

Images By T. Dashfield

Here I Stand

Juggling With Chainsaws

Faith Sandahl Photography

Rebecca The Housewrecka

Live Simply Live Thrifty Live Savvy

Mary Potter Kenyon

Adam Stevens Photography


Kevin Oke Photography

Photo By Holly


And my last bit of fun before I can officially claim my award is to tell 7 things about myself that you may not already know; let’s see… what to tell…. what to tell…

1.  I am the youngest of 8 siblings; 6 girls and 2 boys.

2. There is nearly 16 years age difference between myself and my oldest sibling.

3. When I was a small child I used to eat gooseberries right off the bush; and spent a lot of time climbing the fruit trees with my cousin.

4. I was raised in small town USA and have lived in small towns nearly all my life.

5. I live with chronic pain from arthritis, nerve issues, and massive migraines among other health problems and swallow far too many stinkin’ pills every day.

6. Someday I’d like to travel and see the world. Along the way I’d like to visit NY and see a Broadway play.

7. My dream of becoming a photographer started years and years and years ago because of a grade school science class project and I recently re-connected with that teacher via facebook. Pretty cool that he remembered me all these years later and knew that he was the cause of all this adventure that I am having now.

That’s it, that’s all there is to it. I am now officially an honored recipient of The Versatile Blogger Award. Enjoy the blogs I have linked to I hope you find something you like at each and every one of them.


9 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award! You Like Me; You Really Like Me!!”

  1. Congratulations on receiving the Versatile Blogger Award. I think that it’s great that you’re living your dream of being a photographer and actually had the chance to speak with the man that sent you down that path. Thank you, Karen, for honoring me by nominating for the VBA. I won’t be accepting the award because I’ve already been nominated twice, the last time was as recently as December 28th. This doesn’t mean I value your nomination any less or that I am any less thankful for this kind gesture. So, thanks, Karen, and congratulations. Here’s hoping you get to Broadway real soon!

  2. Karen,

    Thanks so much for thinking of my blog. You have been a fabulous reader, and I appreciate you following my blog.

    You had a lot of interesting tidbits to share. I, too, have quite a few years between myself and my only sibling, my sister– appx. 25 years! I actually come from a big city (Chicago), but I love small towns, and our current one only has about 1,700 people (we keep going down every time we move).

    Do your medical conditions make photography difficult? I wanted to study photography, but I have concerns about my neck and back issues that make taking photos difficult sometimes. I do take some photos for my freelance writing, and some days I have to take pills just to deal with it.

    I think you did a fabulous job of summing up the VBA, and why it is such a positive and fun thing (loved the story about vintage chain mail). I, too, tried to find out more about it, and all I could find is this page: . You may have already found this page, but if you go there and leave a comment, you can have your blog added to the blogroll, and once in a while they may choose to feature one of your posts.

    Thanks again so much for nominating me.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  3. Thanks everyone! Hope you’re all off to the start of another awesome week!!
    Jennifer, Don’t let your issues stop you from trying something new. Sure it may slow you down sometimes but don’t let them stop you! Yes sometimes it makes things a little harder but that just makes you find new ways to accomplish something. Oh and get a little ol’ monopod to help support the weight of your camera if you’re going to be shooting in one place for very long. It really helps when I’m standing in the middle of the field shooting the RC planes! Shoot lots on good days and rest on the bad ones. 🙂 Kind of like my ringtone says “hit me with your best shot!” yep, go ahead life hit me with another stupid issue you haven’t knocked me down yet!

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