Colorful Piggy Banks

Just wanted to share another random photo with you; this one is a small part of a money-saving/couponing stock photo series I shot over the weekend. Well actually it’s one photo that was copied 4 times then I adjusted the colors differently on each copy to create a total of 5 images. Today, just for fun, I combined all 5 into this one row of colorful piggy banks to use on a few Zazzle products in the near future.

Don’t you just love new photo props!! I picked up these two little banks along with some colorful dishes at a dollar store. They are a great resource for inexpensive props. Oh, the pigs are actually an off white color; the first pair on the left is the origianl shot.



8 thoughts on “Colorful Piggy Banks”

  1. Teri, this one was fairly easy because of the smooth lines. I shot it on a bright white background so it made cutting them out easy. The color adjustments I did were just simply playing with the “add more green” “less red” “more blue” adjustments in PS. To combine them I simply copied each photo and layered them together in a new image. The Zazzle copy will have that transparent background that we were talking about. I just used the good old magic eraser for that. Try a practice one with just one simple image on a white background; something like a child’s building block with nice straight lines for easy cutting.

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