Zazzle Product Of The Week ~ Colorful Piggy Banks Vacation Fund Jar

Zazzle has introduced lots of new products lately and one of them is an awesome candy jar. Now who is going to use a jar for only candy? OK. I might. But they are great for lots of other things too like storing those tasty little treats for your pets, holding small items on the vanity, or as a place for teacher to stash all those little reward stickers.

I put a fun twist on one just the other night and created a change jar. A change jar?? Yes, you know somewhere to toss that loose change at the end of the day. If you think about it it makes a simple way to save a buck or two every now and then. And who knows someday it could add up to enough for some weekend fun or even a little extra vacation time. I’ve given this jar the oh so original name of… Colorful Piggy Banks Vacation Fund Jar. Do you remember that cute piggy bank photo I shared a while back? Yep; it now appears on a couple of products and there will be more to come.

These jars are made of bright white porcelain and have a brilliant luster that makes the design look amazing. Printed in the USA, dishwasher and microwave safe, and include a cork lid. The January 2012 price is $19.15 and they make great gifts for anyone! Check the Variety Store for even more candy jar designs.


2 thoughts on “Zazzle Product Of The Week ~ Colorful Piggy Banks Vacation Fund Jar”

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