Photo Challenge ~ Food Photography Chicken Sliders

Still trying to improve my food photography skills; this time I was trying to keep it very simple. These little sandwiches are much better for picture-taking than they were for eating; they didn’t turn out as good as the recipe sounded.

36 mm – 0.8 sec – f/16 – ISO 100

I didn’t notice the little pieces falling off the roll until after I had picked up the plate to eat. But I guess that’s not such a bad thing. Maybe I should have placed them right on the background; I find the border of the plate to be distracting. Note to self *look closer before clicking the shutter. I do like how much detail you can see from the pink color in the sauce to the texture of the chicken and even the little lines in that onion piece.

Not horrible but could use some work. I hope everyone is working to improve their skills and if you’d like to share a food photo just let us know with a link in the comments! And if you have any tips; I could use them. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Photo Challenge ~ Food Photography Chicken Sliders”

  1. I think the dropped pieces add a touch of realism to the photo….in fact a few more – in my opinion, would have made even more appealing to my eye…. Keep up the good work.

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