How Did The Photos Sell – Part Three

One last look at how my stock photos sold in 2011; this weekend I’m looking at 123rf. This is my newest stock photo portfolio and is just beginning to pick up in sales; so there is less news to share here than with the other two sites.

I know; you are all just crushed that I don’t have as much detail for this one aren’t you. 🙂

The very first image downloaded from my 123rf portfolio In 2011 (in fact the very first one ever!) was Blazing Bonfire; I like those bonfire photos (I took those at my niece’s house. VK knows how to throw a dinner party!).

My top 3  selling stock photos at 123rf in 2011 were: (#4 and #5 just had too big of a tie to list them all)

#3 Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie

#2  Saving Money With Manufacturer’s Coupons & Special Store Deals

…and my best-selling stock photo at 123rf in 2011 was… *insert those drumroll sounds*…

#1 Family Fun Game Pieces

…and the very last image downloaded in 2011 was  Saving Money With Manufacturer’s Coupons & Special Store Deals.

Big THANK YOU to everyone who has downloaded my photos!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

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