My Big Brave Dog

It’s March and this is Kansas and that means wind.

Ok; it doesn’t have to be March for Kansas winds to blow they will howl any ol’ time.

Poor Bella Dog doesn’t like the winds, or any loud noises, they send her into hiding where she will shiver and shake and look out at you with those big scared eyes and just beg you to make the noise stop. Sometimes the only thing to do is let her curl up with you and give her big tight hugs until she falls asleep. My big brave dog.

Yesterday and today both the poor thing has been a mess and alternates between hiding near my feet under the computer table; or tucked away behind the big chair with the old afghan that she has stolen from us humans. She can hear the wind blowing, the lid of the mail box lifting up and slamming down, the shutters on the attic fan opening and crashing shut, and the old windows rattling.

She hasn’t been a very happy dog.

Poor Bella; you would think a pup raised in Kansas would build up a tolerance to such things. Hum… maybe a game of “catch the donkey” will help; where has that old worn out toy donkey gotten to now I see the last of its stuffing.

Bella? Why is Donkey on the coffee table? I’ve told you your toys don’t belong there. Bella? Bella?  I see you; come out from behind that chair.



12 thoughts on “My Big Brave Dog”

  1. My furball is scared of loud winds only if he can hear it indoor. Outside, fine. He’s also scared of helium balloons, buzzing bugs, and a few other weird random stuff. He’s speschual!

  2. Poor Bella! My last 2 dogs shared her fear of wind and storms. It wasn’t pretty and I’m sure it must bother you to watch her. When Max was a young puppy, I took him out into the yard every time it rained or there was thunder and lightning. We both got soaked, he still hates rain, but he sleeps though the strongest winds, the loudest thunderclaps, and fire crackers. If anything, a loud thunderclap is more prone to rattle me!

  3. Aw, I feel so bad for Bella! Our little Sunny (Yorkie) is terrified of thunderstorms and/or wind. But she still thinks she can take on the big yellow labrador next door! Stopped by from SITS. Have a great day!

  4. I don’t think that Bella has seen a lot of balloons but I do know she’s not afraid of bugs; she’ll jump up and snatch them out of the air! I do know that she is VERY afraid of gun shots. You can hear them during hunting season as well as just any old day because there is a shooting range nearby. When she hears that crack she’ll run for the hills; or at least her favorite hiding places. Guess we both have speschual pups. 🙂

  5. John; You can’t get Bella outside during a storm. I have to nearly drag her off the pourch so she can take care of business and she’ll be as fast as she can with it!

  6. Pam, Sunny sounds a lot like Bella; only Bella is a lab mix who thinks she can take on the little dog down the block. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by come back soon it’s always great to have SITS girls visit!

  7. Oh yeah. Bruno – a big ol amstaff – is a huge pansy, even worse than my guy. He’s got a bunch of other odd fears, but the ladybug one stuck in my head because it’s just…so weird!

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