It Occurred To Me – I Do Not Know How To Draw Outer Space

I was playing around with making another planet hoping for something a little better than my first attempt; when it occurred to me that I do not know how to draw outer space. I guess I have not watched enough sy-fy!

I followed the notes that I took the other day for the WP photo challenge “Distorted” only this time took it a little further.

I left much more sky and feathered the edges of my planet a bit. Then I added a night sky; that’s when I realized I haven’t been watching enough sy-fy or looking at enough NASA photos; I did my best to create a few starry looking spots and something that sort of resembles a sun.

Boy do I need to get some landscape shots other than a flat wheat field!

Planet Kansas [take 2]

original shot



13 thoughts on “It Occurred To Me – I Do Not Know How To Draw Outer Space”

  1. That was inteesting… Did you take the original picture and turn it into what you have “the outer space planet with a few startty spots and something that looks like the sun”?

    Wow…That’s neat…

  2. Yes; that was a wheat field just ouside of town. I really need to try this again with a more interesting landscape. Or a city skyline. These little planets are fun to play with; you’re never really sure what it’s going to end up looking like. Now I just have to learn how to draw stars and such. 😀

  3. Love the transformation! You gotta watch more Sy Fy. Some of it is pretty good. Btw, I liked you on FB as myself and as my page 🙂

  4. I watch lots of scifi and I think this is cool. It might not look like our world, but it does look like an interesting place. Oh, the ideas this could inspire!

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