Something Colorful For The Birds

As you know one of the challenges I have set for myself is to get some nice pictures of my backyard visitors (I hope you have been taking photos of your visitors too!) Over the last several months I have been building up my bird sanctuary. Right now I have three seed feeders, a couple of suet feeders, and one feeder that takes a large solid seed block that the small woodpeckers really like. You have to keep in mind that just a few years ago there was nothing growing in my yard; no bushes, no trees, no flowers, and hardly any grass at all. There were no backyard visitors they just zoomed on by like traffic on the interstate. It’s been a long slow processes but I now have a few trees, a bush, and a few blooms; it’s getting there.

I’ve added two bird baths, one little humming-bird feeder, and will soon be planting more flowers in several pots; hopefully I can attract some butterflies along with the birds. I hope to add a couple of small bird houses this year too if I can find a good place to put them. Slowly my yard will go from a bird byway to a nice scenic stop.

My boxwood bush was busy all winter as a home for several smaller birds and it was so nice to have them around. I had to break the ice off the bird baths a few times and keep the feeders full; but they were happy little birds.

The other day I came across a great idea posted by Rebecca the Housewrecka over on her blog. She had made use of an empty suet feeder and a few bits of  yarn cut into 4″ and 8″ strips. Her family filled the suet feeder with the bits of yarn and then hung it outside for the birds to use in building their nests. I thought this was a great idea so I dug around the house to find all the bits of string I could come up with. Guess it’s been a while since I’ve done a craft project I don’t seem to have a lot of yarn lying around anymore but I managed find some assorted nesting materials to tuck into a small empty feeder. This fun project has created something  colorful for the birds; there’s going to be some fancy nests around the neighborhood this spring!

I did a quick look on google to see what else could be used by my backyard visitors and it seems that in addition to yarn and strings some birds will appreciate cotton batting or other stuffing materials, thin strips of cloth up to 1″ wide, and even thin strips of plastic cut from shopping bags. Because I used a smaller suet feeder I’m sure I’ll have to refill it a few times as the birds begin to build their nests in the area. I think I’ll sit aside a bag to hold all the bits and pieces I come across so that they will be ready when the time comes for a refill.

Thanks for sharing your idea Rebecca! It’s just the thing my backyard visitors were needing! 😀


7 thoughts on “Something Colorful For The Birds”

  1. Such a clever idea, using a suet feeder for nesting material. I noticed your humming bird feeder. My Aunt has them around her home and watching these little birds is a favorite Summer pastime. I guess it doesn’t take all that much to make us happy. 🙂

  2. What a great idea! We have lots of birds, even though we live on a prairie with not many trees…might try this one!

  3. Thanks Becky! Those little sparrows were enjoying a sunny day a few weeks ago. I haven’t seen any taking the string yet but I know they are because there are a lot of pieces missing!

  4. love this idea! I used to clean out my comb and hope birds would use my hair in their nest, haha. Very cute idea

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