Bella Dog ~ The Supermodel

My big brave Bella Dog is now one of the newest supermodels on the web! 123rf has accepted one of her newest photos into their stock photo library. Yep; she’s going to be famous one day. This is her first stock photo but her Butterfly Hunter poster has been very popular; she posed for that one when she was much younger and just starting out in her modeling career. Not too bad for a pup that, before being rescued, once faced near starvation. Hey! don’t a lot of celebrities have some kind of rags to riches story? Guess she’ll fit right in on that red carpet.

Black Pet Dog Looking Up At Camera Stock Photo ~ Available At

Go Bella Go! But don’t let all that fame go to your head you will still be known as Princess Bella Dog Stinky Butt McFatty Pants around here.

Ok; maybe you can have an extra bacon treat tonight. 😀


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