Riding In Cars With My Boys And A Fish

**note** I have not yet read Beverly Donofrio’s autobiography “Riding In Cars With Boys”, but that was the title that came to mind as I sat down to type this post, I really should get around to reading it I hear it’s a great story.

**another note** All the photos in this post were taken with my iPhone; most from moving vehicles through bug spattered windows. They are really just here to break up all the text you are about to encounter.

**and one last note** Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and relax; this one gets a little long.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

We have logged nearly 1,000 miles in the last 10 days going in, what at times, felt like nothing more than a big circle. If you count the trips D has taken in the days before that I’d bet it’s over 1,000!  Hummm if we were going in a straight line for 1,000 miles where would we have ended up? I’ll need a map for that one but I think it would have been somewhere fun! 🙂 Or at least more fun than what I came home to yesterday; but we’ll get back around to that later.

Why so many miles only to end up back at home every night? Two reasons: one, D was shopping for a “new” truck as his old van has died its last death; and two, it was spring break week for K & L.

Yes when a lot of people are shopping for a “new” truck all they have to do is run downtown and visit a few dealers; but, like I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, we kind of live in the middle of nowhere. Or maybe it’s the middle of everywhere! Guess that description depends on my mood.

And yes when kids leave the college campus for spring break they just jump into their cars and take off; but K’s car is temporarily out of commission here at home and L’s was acting up.

All that leads us to my story about…

…Riding In Cars With My Boys And A Fish…

Friday, March 16 – another trip for D & I to look at another truck; the last one wasn’t much more than a bucket of rust with a motor. This one is about 15 miles from home, the price is right, it sounds good, but in reality… not so much. NO BRAKES! What a test drive. And there is so much more wrong with this truck that there is just no way it’s going home with us. 15 miles back home where Bella Dog greets us at the door; she has been a good girl while we were gone.

That night L gives K her car keys and her pet fish then leaves the state for a spring break visit to the boyfriend’s hometown.

Saturday, March 17 – after L’s car has been acting up for a week (breaking down 3 times!) D feels it is best for him to be the one to drive it home. Down the road D & I go for the drive to campus, around 145 miles, where D jumps into to L’s car K and the fish jump in with me and we go back down the road for the 145 mile drive home. Oh happy day! No car trouble on the way and Bella Dog greets us at the door; she has been a good girl while we were gone.

Sunday, March 18 – another trip to look at another truck. This time it is about 90 miles from home and D, K, & I are again on the road. This truck has the right price , it sounds good, but… Yikes! This truck is, let’s say a wreck but still running; I see a strange carpeted and covered bed, a crushed-in side, and an odd most likely leaky sun roof. Nope this truck is not going home with us either. A little shopping, a bite of supper, then back on the road for the 90 mile drive home. K is thinking that he just might spend his break hanging out in the car. Back home Bella Dog greets us at the door with a big happy face on; she has been a good girl while we were gone.

March 19, 20, and 21 – D’s at work while K and I putt around town and hang out at home. Another 15 mile drive this time to the dentist; the highlight of K’s spring break I’m sure. A quick 15 mile drive home where Bella Dog greets us at the door with a big happy face on; she has been a good girl while we were gone.

March 22 and 23 – Oh, I feel yucky! I’ve got a stupid migraine. D is at work; K takes care of cooking and such. The usual kind of everyday stuff. Hey! no driving over these two days! Bella Dog is a good girl while I am out of it.

Saturday, March 24 – I’m still green around the gills but on the mend and there is another truck just listed. The price is right and it sounds good.  This one is about 75 miles from home; off we go down the road again. Down the highway, onto a long rough dirt road that quickly becomes a roller coaster ride. Oh, yeah! this will help me to feel better. NOT! Hey this truck looks nice. A quick test drive and this is it! We have a winner! Do the paper work, trade the keys for the cash, shake the hands, scratch the old farm dog, and head back down roller coaster road towards town. The “need fuel right now!” light is on in the “new” truck. Quick stop for gas and water bottles “HOLY COW THAT THING HAS A GIANT TANK!” then back on the road for the rest of the 75 mile drive home. Back home again where Bella Dog greets us at the door with a very big happy face on; she has been a good girl while we were gone.

Sunday, March 25 – our mechanic friend has been injured and could not fix L’s car so another trip is needed to get K and L’s fish back to campus. Here we go down the road for about 145 miles where we pick up L and the boyfriend who are back from their trip, grab some lunch, stock the dorm with groceries, hugs all around, plans for L and boyfriend to come home next weekend and hopefully drive her car back, then on the road again for us. 145 or so miles to home with a stop for supper along the way. Back home Bella Dog greets us at the door with an expression on her face that says “I’m innocent I tell you!” she has a big story to tell us. She seems to be saying “I’m so glad you are home, someone broke in here and pooed right here at the front door right there on that little rug near your shoe, then they ran into the kitchen and pooed there too right on my favorite towel, and then they ran into K’s room and rolled all over his bed and tried to take the blankets off, they were so naughty, but it wasn’t me I was just sleeping on the couch; I’m a good girl.”

Monday, March 26 – Have a great week everyone! I don’t plan to be in a car again until Saturday.


14 thoughts on “Riding In Cars With My Boys And A Fish”

  1. You get great iPhone pics! Mine are always blurry and goofy. . .I’m much better at holding a real camera steady.

  2. Wow… I loved the story… and I am glad you have found a suitable truck and eeks…all those miles and Bella has been a good dog. She just had friends over.

    And what kind of dog is she… she is sooooo cute.

  3. Thanks Carla, Bella is a small lab mix. We are not sure what she is mixed with. She is about 65 pounds but she thinks she is a lap dog and at 5 years old is still very much a playful pup.

  4. That’s a lot of miles. It would be hard for me to live in the middle of no where. I need stores close by because if they weren’t I probably would be too lazy to drive to them lol.

  5. It’s not so bad. We have a few little stores in town and just drive for the “big” shopping trips and things that you can’t get here and, the movies, and most of the doctors, and…. Ok; so we drive a lot!

  6. This was very funny! I kept thinking, wow, Bella is such a good dog. I was envious for a moment… then, I see that Bella is normal, just like my dog puppy. Stopping by from SITS! Oh, and the descriptions of the cars you turned down cracked me up! 🙂

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