Photo Challenge – Backyard Visitors – March 2012

It has been a great week for birdwatching in my backyard; the cardinals have been about a little more than usual. Just about the only regular visitors I haven’t seen this week are the Downy Woodpeckers. But then again I have run out of their favorite seed cake.

I have done my best to identify all these feathery friends using the book that #7 gave me and a quick google search but there is one that I couldn’t even come up with a guess for. I’ve labled them with what I’m fairly sure they are but if anyone thinks differently let me know in the comments!

I hope you are all enjoying the visitors in your backyard this spring.

American Tree Sparrow

American Tree Sparrow

? ? ? ? ?

Female House Finch

Male House Finch

Male House Finch

Sparrow Silhouette

House Sparrow

Male Cardinal

Female Cardinal

Common Grackle

Mourning Dove



6 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Backyard Visitors – March 2012”

  1. They are very pretty darting around the green trees. Maybe I’ll get a shot of the blue jay that hangs around one of these days. He’s even more camera shy than the cardinals I think.

  2. Alene; it’s taken a lot of work to get them to stick around. We used to have nothing growing back there so they just flew on by. Now that we have a couple of trees and a couple of bushes they are starting to hang around more. I think I need to get more feeders now!

  3. Philosopher Mouse; I think that little finch was giving me attitude because I was hanging around while she was trying to eat her breakfast. I’m thinking she was telling me to get lost.

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