Pictures In Use ~ Kansas! Magazine

Last fall I was contacted by Kansas! Magazine and asked if I could make a drive to Phillipsburg and snap a few shots for the Summer 2012 issue. Well it was a tough decision but I said “SURE!”. Alright so it wasn’t that tough; I think it took all of about three seconds to decide. 😀

How awesome is that! Kansas! Magazine always has some fantastic photos from all over the state; and now they also have a few of mine.

Well you can imagine that I was pretty excited when that big white envelope showed up in the mail box with my copy of the Summer issue. Sure enough right there on pages 34, 35, and 36 of their biggest issue yet are six of my images from Phillipsburg. They must have liked the shot of the store fronts with their vintage signs and awnings because there it is printed full-page size! Yep; I’m kind of like a kid on Christmas morning around here today.

Big thanks to everyone at Kansas! Magazine for giving me the opportunity to take on an assignment for you; I look forward to the next one! And thanks to all the nice people I meet while I was visiting Phillipsburg if it wasn’t for all your help I never would have found those model trains or that tasty lunch at the bakery!

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On an unrelated note:

Today is K’s graduation day!!!!!

Congratulations K we are all proud of you.

My son is now a college graduate.



6 thoughts on “Pictures In Use ~ Kansas! Magazine”

  1. Great news on 2 fronts. Congrats to your son on his graduation and to you for your photo spread. Big day in your house, eh? 🙂

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