Photo Challenge – How Does Your Garden Grow? – May 24, 2012

The last time we took a look at my little container garden was on April 19 with a few extreme close-ups. Guess it’s been a while.

During the life of this little container garden the temperatures have ranged from the low 30’s to the very high 90’s, I have left it home alone for as long as two weeks, it has had days of no watering, it has had days filled with heavy storms, a toad has dug up and nearly killed off the marigolds, a hoard of caterpillars have done their best to eat everything in sight, the neighbor puppys have knocked things over, and a few weeds have tried to sprout up in and around the pots.

And still it continues to grow!

Now the violas and pansies are done and I need to remove them from their pots and find some heat loving blooms to replace them with; but everything else grows on.

It’s been awesome to watch such a variety of plants in such a small space and see the changes they make from one day to the next. I already have good ideas as to what I will and will not purchase again next year.

I’ve pretty much just given the marigold container to the toad as I’d like him to stick around as long as he wants; maybe even invite a few friends.

The pots have been rearranged again to move some of the more shade loving things out of the direct sun. I’m learning!

And my new favorite (at least for this week) are the portulacas; it looks like they will tolerate the heat and a little less watering than some of the others and are loving their pots. Ok, well I also really like the way the Calibarachoas and the Felicia Daisies look growing out of that old bushel basket and I’m pretty proud of how well the 2011 mum is doing.

Ok; I guess maybe I don’t really have a favorite! I’m enjoying it all. I think I like this container gardening idea.

Hum… next year I just might add another container garden for some tasty veggies! I do miss my big old veggie garden.

Here’s a few shots from earlier today… Enjoy!

May 24, 2012

Calibarachoa Aloha Tiki Orange &  Felicia Daisy Cape Town Blue


Portulaca Sundial Gold

Pentas Butterfly Deep Pink

African Daisy Serenity Rose


2 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – How Does Your Garden Grow? – May 24, 2012”

  1. funny you should mention fairies… I’ve placed a few colorful ceramic mushrooms in a circle near this container garden to make a little fairy ring!

    Yep; I’m loosing it in my old age. 😀

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