Chatter Down By The River

Before the weather warmed up this morning I headed out to look for something interesting to shoot; I ended up down by the river. I saw a big mulberry tree just dripping with ripe fruit and I took a few shots of the bright red berries against the green leaves; only to discover later that I had the shutter speed much much to slow for our windy day. I came across a small brown rabbit racing through the equally brown grasses and the end results were nothing to look at. You could hardly even tell there was a rabbit there at all. I tried to capture the larger bird circling overhead but mostly just blinded myself as the lens passed by the bright morning sun; yep it was just one of those days. I couldn’t seem to get a shot of anything worth keeping.

As I was walking along I kept hearing this loud chatter coming from the other side of the river. I really couldn’t be sure what it was because the wind was blowing, adding its own noises, but I thought it might be voices. This particular spot along the river has a nice big golf course on the other side and I just figured it must be a tournament going on. But usually if there are people out on the course you can spot the colorful flags blowing behind the trees and I wasn’t seeing any spots of color anywhere.

I came to a point where the river’s edge was clear enough for me to walk up between the trees and get a good look at the bank on the other side. I found the source of the chatter…

It was a group of birds on a bare branch; they were having a great time darting in and out of the thick trees and chattering away as they did so. I think they must have found a ripe mulberry tree over there and were having one tasty breakfast!

Even though I didn’t come home with many good pictures I did have a nice walk. Now I’m staying indoors for the afternoon; I think it just might get hot out there again today.


One thought on “Chatter Down By The River”

  1. I think quite a few of us will be staying indoors this afternoon. Probably again tomorrow, too.

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