Still Stitching Topeka Back Together

I took some time this afternoon to do a little more work on those rooftop photos from April. This time I started out stitching 6 more images but when it was done I didn’t like the way one end turned out so I just decided it needed some cropping. Now I guess you would say that this new panoramic is made from about 5 or 5 1/2 images.

I’ll share the second one with you again and this third one stitched today; I’m not happy with that first one anymore so I won’t post it again.

Topeka April 2012 #2

Topeka April 2012 #3

If these two were to be stitched together the 3rd one would be to the left of the 2nd one and there would be at least one more image filling in the gap between them.

It’s a learning process but I’m slowly getting this figured out! I have lots more photos from this same shoot to practice with; I was able to shoot from three sides of the building and two corners. I took a lot of pictures that day.


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