Meet Our Little Friends

Back in March I introduced you to L’s little friend, Fishy aka Zoda. Well I am sad to inform you that Fishy is no longer with us. He was once again left in my care as L is living with #7 this summer to find work in a larger city. I had moved Fishy to a smaller bowl while I cleaned his little home; and because the fresh water was a little cool Fishy stayed in the smaller bowl for a couple of hours while the fresh water came up to room temperature.

I was not aware that Betta fish have the ability to jump up to 3″ above the surface of the water. I guess that Fishy decided he wanted to explore the kitchen counter and floor. I’ll spare you the gruesome details of his demise (and the story of how we learned that a certain pooch likes sushi.)

Poor Fishy; he will be missed.

I felt badly about L loosing her little friend so I offered to replace it.  She chose three colorful active guppies. OK so three little guppies are now down to only one little lonely guppy. Turns out that fish from a super center are not the healthiest little animals. Poor little things.

L decided that maybe another Betta fish would be a much better choice.

K and I thought we would join the fun; K is still at home while he looks for work. (Know anyone looking to hire a new college grad?)

To make an already long story shorter we now have four little fish bowls sitting along the fireplace mantel.

In the first one we have Zombie Fish living in skull rock. He loves to hide out in his cave and spends a lot of time hanging out from the eye socket just watching the world go by. He’s so calm and still; that is until he sees his supper coming!

In the second one we have Lambert living happily in his jungle. Yes; I said Lambert. Do you remember him from the old Disney cartoon; Lambert The Sheepish Lion? This fish had to be given a lion’s name because when you stop to look at him he gets very excited to have the company and shows his excitement by fanning out his gills. He looks like a little tiny swimming lion complete with flowing mane.

In the third bowl we have a lovely little blue guy who has yet to be named. He could become Pez, or Dozer, or Peacock, or any of a dozen other ideas. He enjoys circling his fluffy plant and admiring his reflection in the crystal stones that cover the floor of his home.

Can you guess which fish belongs to who? or is it whom.

And in the last little bowl we have the one lone little guppy. He’s not looking very healthy and I just don’t know how long he will hang on with out his friends. He’s a pretty little orange/red guy; very shiny and colorful and before his friends floated away into the great beyond he was very active. Nowadays he just sits there looking lonely and depressed. Poor thing.

Now as a photographer one of the first things I had to do was hold a photo shoot for our new little friends. You would think that a tiny thing confined to a little bowl would be easy enough to photograph. Nope. Not the case at all.

Those glass bowls and all that water create many unwanted reflections. The water, the thickness of the glass, and the round shape of the bowls create some odd distortions. And then there’s the speed at which a little fish can circle his bowl and disappear behind the smallest object.

I spent the better part of an afternoon the other day trying to capture portraits of these colorful critters only to come up with very few decent shots. Sounds like that will be a good project to work on again and again… until I figure out how to get enough light on them to allow me to use a fast enough shutter to capture their movement without causing the reflections that just don’t look so good.

At least I got these few OK shots for now. It’s a start.


4 thoughts on “Meet Our Little Friends”

  1. DId this bring back memories. As a boy, I started with fish bowls, moved to small aquariums, then, finally, behemoths with salt water. The latter were taken down about 15 years ago. I had more than my share of betta and guppies. I only wish I had taken photos. Your s here, of the betta, are quite beautiful.

  2. Thanks John, I actually had a 20 gallon tank many years ago but it was just something that didn’t make the move back to Kansas. I’m thinking I’d like to replace it one of these days soon. They are so relaxing and very pretty to look at!

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