Dinner On The Grill

Who doesn’t love a good cook-out? Everything tastes better when it’s been cooked on the grill!

I don’t really have a recipe for you this time so much as just an idea and some basic instructions. Take what you like and run with it to create something delicious for dinner on your grill tonight!

For a tasty pork chop I like to marinate them; sometimes I’ll mix up a marinade but a lot of the time I’ll simply use one of those Weber or McCormick marinade mixes. They’re pretty cheap and very quick to use. Put your chops in a large zip top baggie, pour the marinade over them and seal it up. Let them chill in the fridge for two to four hours.

I like to pre-heat the grill on high for about 15 minutes to get the grates good and hot. When it’s ready to go I use a brush to coat the hot grates with a little olive oil before I toss the chops on. Once you get the pork chops on don’t touch them for 3 to 5 minutes. This is where your own good common sense comes in; it’s going to take a little longer for a smaller thinner chop than it will for a larger thicker chop. After your first 3 to 5 minutes rotate your chops but do not turn them over. After your second 3 to 5 minutes flip your chops over. Now cook for a third 3 to 5 minutes and rotate again. Finish cooking for one last 3 to 5 minute go-around and your done! Your looking at a total time of 12 to 20 minutes; these chops in this picture were about 1″ thick bone-in chops and took a total of 16 minutes on a medium heat. The rotating before you flip them over just gives you those awesome criss-cross grill marks and keeps the chops from getting stuck. Oh; and cast iron grates give you the best results.

For these easy potatoes cooked on the grill you simply chop your potatoes, an onion, and even some fresh bell peppers if you like. Lay out a double thickness of aluminum foil and spray it with a little non-stick spray. I think you can tell I forgot to spray my foil this time; they stuck a little. 🙂 Pile your potatoes, onion, and peppers on the foil. Drizzle the veggies with a little olive oil and season anyway you like. I like salt, pepper, paprika, garlic powder, lemon pepper, and Cavendar’s Greek Seasoning; or maybe a little spicy red pepper. Toss on a few herbs if you’ve got them too; yummy. Top it all with another double layer of foil; sprayed with cooking spray. (If your foil is good and heavy you might be able to get away with just one layer.) Now you have to fold up all four edges to seal the packet. Close it up tight! Place your potato packet on a disposable foil pan that has holes punched in it. You can buy these foil grill pans ready to go or I guess you could punch the holes yourself if you’d like. Use a wooden skewer or something similar to poke several holes in both sides of you foil packet. Place the foil pan with the potato packet on your hot grill grates. About a medium heat again. Let it cook away for 8 to 12 minutes depending on how many potatoes you stuffed into that packet. Then carefully, use some pot holders here, flip the packet over and place it back on the foil pan. Cook away for another 8 to 12 minutes and your potatoes are soft and tender and if you’re lucky just a little brown and crisp around the edges! In this picture there were 5 potatoes and 1 onion and it took a total of about 25 minutes. It could take less or more time depending on how large your potato pieces are too.

Now go see what’s in the freezer and get some dinner cooking on your grill!


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