You Find The Strangest Things In Your Spam Filter

Sometimes you find the strangestthings in your spam filters. I have a filter working here on the blog to keep out those unwanted comments like “come visit my super secret sexy site” and “my blog is better than this everyone should come visit me instead”. Yes, those are actual comments that have been filtered out and both of them had links leading you to sites that I know I’m not even old enough to see. No I didn’t visit them I just read the name of the site in the link. *remove!!! remove!!! remove!!!

But sometimes it’s just plain silly stuff like “this site good you look mine to help with what I do make better to sell things so I get money from reading at site is good like my page too fix problem sell and get money”. Speak caveman much? And yes this one had a link also; it went to a site that was selling furniture of all things.

I like the random one word comments that people leave just to get a link out there; on a picture of a pile of coupons I found this… “informative!”.  And on a recipe post one day I found… “abandon”. Yea, they really had something to add to the conversation. Oh and  you guessed it; they left links of questionable origin.

On a post about our good ol’ Bella dog I found this comment; “I too like dogs such good friend is my dog to stand by me when police come to my house and did not because my dog keep them away I have a blog about my dog now you should check it out and we can be blog friends so we can share dog stories and other’s will like dogs to and we can all like our dogs who stand by us and keep us away from other people we do not like around and they can bark and let us know when we need to run away and you will like my new blog about dogs because I like it and I will make lots of cash from it when you buy my advertising space on there too.”. Yes, that really was all one long sentence. No I didn’t buy the advertising space. *run away! run away!

Yep; sometimes spam filters are not our friend like when the e-mail spam filter caught an e-mail that I had been waiting and waiting for. It was there all along.

But for the most part I think I like spam filters.



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