We’re Cookin’ Out Here

We’re cookin’ out here and I don’t mean on the grill. In fact it’s been too dang hot to stand out there and man that grill; hum I wonder… could I really fry an egg on the sidewalk? I bet I could!

We’ve had plenty of sever weather alerts and storm warnings of all kinds but no real rain. In fact last night we had storm clouds roll in and there was thunder and lightning and some wind; my phone was chiming in with all kinds of storm warnings for us and the surrounding counties.

But it only managed to drop a few sprinkles here and there before it moved on.

Today our high is supposed to hit 106 and it looks like, according to the forecast I just saw online, that we are looking at more of the same again. Maybe another 10 day stretch of 100 plus days.

Almost Rain July 28, 2012

About an hour drive from me there’s a little town that has been HOT HOT HOT. Apparently they have broken all kinds of records this summer for the hottest spot in the country topping out at 115; actual temperature. I wonder what the heat index was on that!

According to The Wichita Eagle 1980 holds the record for the most days, in July, over 100. Funny how I don’t remember that; I guess it just didn’t bother me as much way back then.

I looked at The Weather Channel this morning and they are telling me that the last six months have been the hottest January to June period on record. This includes records going back as far as 1895! They also say that the record for the warmest 12-month period on record, established in March 2012 and broken again in April and May, was broken for the fourth month in a row in June!

And to make matters worse I’ve read that drought conditions continue to persist and intensify in Kansas.  The Kansas Water Office reported that on July 25th all 105 Kansas counties have been placed into drought emergency status.

Let’s hope that the next storm warning actually gives us some rain.


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