…And Now Back To That Spit Game

This post has nothing to do with photography in anyway but… do you remember a while back when I posted about the new playing cards at Zazzle? In that post I mentioned a card game called Spit that gets played just about anytime my family gets together.

Well it just so happens that when I took my quick un-planned trip the other day a random game of Spit broke out. We had only 7 people playing this time and L sat out a round to take a quick video of the game. She wanted to send it to someone who kind of thinks we are all crazy spitting at cards. 🙂

The main goal of the game is to be the first player to run out of cards, no real spitting allowed by the way. You lay 4 cards in front of you and hold the rest of the deck in your hand. Someone says “SPIT!” and everyone puts the top card off their deck onto the table. At that point you better move quick of get out of the way! Using the 4 cards in front of you; you play either up or down onto any pile on the table and replace those 4 cards from the deck in your hand as you go. If the game comes to a stop because no one can play you “SPIT!” again. The game ends when someone yells “OUT!” because they have run out of cards.

Clear as mud?

I know you all are thinking that I have lost it at this point; but I did say I would teach you how to play someday. Here’s a little clip from the middle of L’s video. I guess this game wasn’t moving very fast… I’m sure it was me holding things up. I think I may have lost some of my Spit mojo over the years.

The more players the crazier the game gets.

Thanks for the video L!


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