I’ve Got A Challenge For Ya!

Here’s a challenge for ya… take an unplanned last-minute trip… get home on a Monday afternoon… leave for another unplanned trip on Thursday morning…

Oh wait that’s not a photo challenge. 🙂

Yep; I’m on the road again. K got called to a job interview!!! Everyone have good thoughts for him! I tagged along just so I could get out and about and see L again and hang out at #7’s for a few days; and you just never know when a good photo-op will come up on a road trip.


I brought Bella dog along with us this time so we had to stop for a couple walks along the way and one of those stops was at a park with a little zoo.

Photographing animals in a zoo… now that’s a photo challenge! Especially this little zoo where there are multiple layers of various fencing in the small space between you and the animals who are in small cages. Sometimes you just can’t make those bars disappear no matter how wide you get your aperture.

At least when I captured this baby monkey having a good time with his padlock I managed to mostly make the first couple of layers of fences fade. Now if I could have only gotten that little guy a bit more in focus.

More posts “from the road” as time allows. ‘night all.


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