Tina The 11 Year Old Ball Of Fluff

I have been off on another little adventure these past few days. L has been shopping for the perfect wedding dress and…. she found it! She looks so pretty in it. The big day is still a few months away but the plans are moving right along.

K has been filling in more job applications and has an interview this week. Keep your fingers crossed! Maybe this one will work out and become the perfect job.

I’m just an innocent by stander in all this madness; somewhere along the way I’ve lost all control they’ve gone and decided to grow up.

Oh; the actual reason for this post…

The other day this little adventure lead me to an impromptu photo shoot with a new little four-legged friend named Tina. Tina is a teeny tiny 11-year-old ball of fluff and aside from a few random bald patches you wouldn’t know she’s getting that old. She seems to be full of energy and loves to be around people. You can tell she is just a little spoiled; and she will talk to you if she thinks she isn’t getting her way.

She’s just so cute I had to share a couple of her beauty shots. After all she had just spent the afternoon at the spa and was looking her best.


4 thoughts on “Tina The 11 Year Old Ball Of Fluff”

  1. She found her wedding gown? Wow! That’s a big day, for sure. And Tina looks so very smart in her Petsmart scarf. Max usually has his in pieces in the 5 minute ride home from the “spa.”

  2. Well; Bella didn’t get to make this trip with us. She stayed home with D. But… we will be going back again in a few days and I think Bella dog will ride along. We shall see if she likes a tiny ball of fluff or not.

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