What does a new job, a wedding dress, Bella Dog, a pink dog, and a gun have in common?

I’ve been back and forth between home and our state capitol a lot this month; and I’ll be on the road again in just a few days.

L has been shopping for her wedding and K has been on the job hunt; both in that area. So I’ve been there and back a few times and have gotten to visit a couple of my sisters along the way.

On these last two trips out K has found his job!!

It was quit the interview process, first there was a test for vocabulary and reading skills; which he passed with a perfect score. I knew he would. 🙂 Then on the second trip back there was a computer skills test, face to face interview, and a tour of the office.

It didn’t take them long to weed out many many other applicants and offer  him the position.

Yep pretty proud of my kids right now; both employed and working hard in a time when so many people are being laid off.

My next trip down that road, that is becoming oh so familiar, will be to help K move a few of his things to his temporary home. He’ll stay with #7 until he finds an apartment of his own.

Such exciting times around here!

Oh; I’m sure you’re wondering what that list of things in the title is all about. The new job and wedding dress have already been explained but what about Bella Dog, the pink dog, and the gun? and what do they all have in common?

No it’s not a bad joke… good guess though; kind of sounds like the start of one.

They are all things that have been a part of these last couple of road trips. Let me fill you in…

K found his job, L found her wedding dress, Bella Dog was once again my traveling companion, I saw a pink dog, and I saw a  highway patrol man pull his gun.

The pink dog was in that pet supply store, you know the one “where the pets go”, it was a beautiful pit bull with light gray fur and pink skin. I kid you  not she had pink skin; looked like a Barbie dog. The owner said that she had had an aliment of some kind, I don’t remember the name, and it caused her skin to turn pink. The dog was all healthy now but her skin was still pink. What a pretty dog!

On the drive home the other day I saw a highway patrol man pull over a large truck. It was a delivery truck for that express delivery company; and a big one too. As I was coming up on the scene the officer was walking towards the driver’s side of the truck, as I got almost even with him he pulled his gun out and was heading towards the door of the truck. I have no idea what was going on but I’m very glad that I was passing by at a good speed and was able to get he heck away from there before anything happened!!

Yep; I have exciting road trips. I wish I had pictures of all those things but, alas, there are times when you just can’t take a shot.

Oh; and just for fun I’m tossing in a couple of cell phone pics from the road.

Have a great week everyone!


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