On The Road With Bella Dog, A Deer, And A Skunk…

** 🙂 warning! this post contains more of those not so awesome cell phone pictures. **

Bella dog and I have been on the road again this week…

*insert your favorite driving song here*

“…on the road again… just can’t wait to get on the road again…”

This time our trip took 2 cars; mine and K’s.

There’s K in the rearview mirror. Unknown to me a deer darted right between or cars before I clicked this shot. YIKES! That’s Kansas highways for you. Watch out K! And keep that seatbelt on!!!!!

We moved K to his temporary home, hanging out with #7, while he settles into his new job. Just a short time after he got off work that first day (I’d say within an hour of getting off work that day) he put down a deposit on a new apartment that he will move into in just a few weeks!!! Yes; that is a bit different from his original plan but everything just fell into place.

Exciting times!!!

What makes this apartment great? A lot of things like, all utilities are included in the rent for ease of budgeting, it’s a security building with locked doors at night and guards in the day time, it’s right downtown less than a block from his office and about a block from his parking garage, it’s a nice quiet building with a very nice apartment manager, laundry facilities in the building, and his apartment has a dishwasher!!! I’d love a dishwasher.

Bella has been a good traveling companion again and for the most part a good guest at #7’s house. All except for the time she thought she would help herself to the trick-or-treat candy and the hot dog buns; just because us silly humans went out to dinner and left her behind. Naughty Bella!

Here’s Bella in the car. She says “I like to ride in the front seat. I can see everything from here! I’m queen of the world!!!…. ZZZ…. I’m awake! I am stronger than that old Dramamine. I will…. ZZZZZ… stay awake the whole… ZZZZZZZ… trip…. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

“Sniff sniff sniff sniff; what’s that interesting smell?”


Have a great weekend everyone; Hopefully we will get back to our regularly scheduled programming next week…. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.


5 thoughts on “On The Road With Bella Dog, A Deer, And A Skunk…”

  1. I’ve got dozens of pic of Max looking every bit as regal as your Bella. It’s the canine version of Driving Miss Daisy. We’ve a skunk family that patrols the neighborhood. Some nights/mornings the scent is just about overwhelming.

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