Witches, Games, And Ghosts -Oh Fun!

My kids are well past their trick-or-treating years but I still got to have a little Halloween fun this year.

No that’s not me in the witch outfit but whoever she was; she was having a great time!

I went to a Halloween carnival and trunk-or-treat with my young friend; Miss E. The event was held at a near by church and included games, food, a costume parade, and trunk to trunk trick-or-treating across the parking lot.

Miss E’s favorite game was the “Bone Walk”; think cake walk only Halloween themed with individual cookies and brownies for the prizes. I thought that the “Boo Bowling” was a great idea and I loved the faces that had been drawn on those little ghosts.

There’s even a bit of fun at home with our little neighborhood looking a bit spooky today. There’s glowing jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, grave yards, and even faces in the trees.

So grab that candy and man the door; the spooks are on the way!

Happy Halloween!!



4 thoughts on “Witches, Games, And Ghosts -Oh Fun!”

  1. Thanks Ana; we really have had some beautiful fall leaves this year. I had a good time with Miss E at her Halloween carnival. My kids are all grown up now so I don’t get to do that kind of thing very often any more.

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