To Doodle … The Real Definition

The other day I asked a question… Do You Doodle?

Well as it turns out there are others out there who still do and aren’t afraid to admit it!!

So I say Doodlers unite! We are an awesome bunch. 🙂

My friend Carolyn Marshall from Living Life Photography sent a link to a video I thought all you Doodlers and other creative minds would like to watch.

In this video Sunni Brown says that “doodling is an incredibly powerful tool” and gives us a new definition of doodling.

“To doodle … the real definition -to make spontaneous marks to help yourself think.” I like that definition!

Thanks for sending the link Carolyn!

*** John; now we have proof that we are of great minds!! 🙂 and Bulldog… find some paper! 😀


2 thoughts on “To Doodle … The Real Definition”

  1. What an interesting perspective the young girl..woman … gives, an extremely good speech that should be given deep thought to.. will have to buy myself a pen and pad of paper again… or someone should develop a program for ones computer so that we can doodle while we work instead of whistling…

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