It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

It’s Christmas time again! Just a few days away now.

We have all been busy around here lately so I haven’t had time to take many pictures or even create many new products over at the Zazzle store but I did snap a quick shot of Bella dog this morning. Crazy pup refused to even look my way! I think she is getting very stubborn in her old age. After all she is six years old now.

Bella Dog Six Years Old

So what have we been doing around here that has kept me from my little ol’ camera and away from Zazzle at a time when I should be busy making lots of new things?

Well; it’s so nice of you to ask. 🙂

We have been moving K’s things so that he can get settled into his new apartment; it’s a really nice place. He has been sending pictures every now and then to show us what he’s got done; like setting up his computer, hanging curtains, building a big ol’ book shelf for all his books, hanging awesome rope lights for decoration and extra lighting, and lining the cupboards with shelf paper. Not much left to do now but unpack the last of the boxes and get his little Christmas tree up. I think he’ll be fairly well settled in by the time we go back out there again.

We have also been busy getting ready for Christmas I made all those fun crocheted ornaments, I’m working on what I hope will be a great gift for my sisters but they may have to wait till after New Years to get it. It is taking me a lot longer to make them than I thought it would.


L and her fiance M have a new family member. They now have a little husky puppy named Balto. M hasn’t got to met Balto in person yet but he will be back in the states before too long. L and Balto are home for a while right now for a Christmas visit and plan to hang out until the New Year. I had almost forgotten how much work a new puppy can be! Maybe I’ll try to get a few pictures of him sometime this week too.

I hope you are all busy getting ready for the holidays in your own part of the world! Have a good one; I’ll be back again as soon as I can.


One thought on “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas”

  1. Great photo of your pupster. I, too, had forgotten how much work a puppy can be. Then I got Max at 7 weeks and I couldn’t wait for him to grow up. He’s 4 and a half now and I’m still waiting. 🙂

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