Introducing Balto

I finally got around to getting a quick shot of L & M’s new puppy. They named him Balto, you know like the dog who saved the little girl by getting the medicine through the blizzard.

Our Bella Dog is 6 years old and in that 6 years I have forgotten just how much work a new puppy is. I simply appreciate how calm Bella is now, how she gently rings her bells when she needs to go outside, how she simply lays by my chair (or sometimes on the couch) and rests quietly while I work, I love how she just watches while I cook supper (Ok; so she’s really waiting for me to spill something but at least she’s quiet about it.) I really love how she doesn’t chew on things that don’t belong to her and how she never bites! And even though it can be a little annoying at times, like when I step on her toes, I even love how she follows me around throughout the day. My little 4 legged shadow.

Yep; I’ve almost forgotten how puppies are.

Balto 11 Wks

Little Balto came into the family full of energy and looking to play; too bad old Bella Dog isn’t that playful anymore she gives him a good loud “leave me alone kid!” bark every now and then.

He also came with a few crawly bugs in his fur that the vet had to get ride of and some tummy troubles that has made house breaking difficult. Poor little thing has had a rough start. But he’s learning.

Now his bugs are long gone and his tummy troubles are on the mend so, fingers crossed, L can get him housebroke quickly. He has learned that when he rings the bells someone opens the door and he gets to go out; he just needs to figure out when he should ring those bells. When he is sleepy he lays quietly by L’s side and is at his cutest. He likes to hang out in the kitchen and Bella has taught him to watch for falling scraps. Nice Bella; why don’t you teach him something useful. He has a long ways to go with the whole not chewing on things that don’t belong to him, and he is very nippy. He bites at people when he gets the chance so L has a lot of work to do there but she has a plan. He knows his name and will come running when she calls him; not when I call him. And he follows her around, well, like a puppy!

He is really getting the idea of “sit” and working on what “stay” means. He walks on his leash pretty good for a little guy and loves his pillow and blanket.

All in all I’d say he’s a pretty good pup, now L just has a lot of work ahead of her. Oh, M will be back in the states soon so don’t feel too sorry for L she won’t be training him alone much longer. In fact they have found an apartment and we’ll be moving things in on over New Year’s!

More exciting times around here!

Who said the kids could go and grow up?


4 thoughts on “Introducing Balto”

  1. Balto is one cute pupster! Funny how we forget how much work a puppy is — until one is roaming around the house looking for mischief.
    I taught my Max the bell thing, too. Now he rings when he’s hungry, wants to play, wants a treat, wants my attention and, oh yes, when he wants to go out. I put it away and for 2 weeks he would go up to the door and touch his nose to where the bell hung. Seeing that was worse than hearing that bell all of the time and I put it back. It begs the question, who trained who about the bell?

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