The Variety Store – A Quick Look

The other day L and I ventured into two little shops here in town that I had not had an oportunity to visit yet; they have both been open for a while I just haven’t gotten into either one. It was kind of strange to be in these little variety stores for the first time because I had no idea what they had for sell or where anything was! Oh; that didn’t stop me from buying a cute little wooden box to sit on my new desk; it will look so nice there when I get moved into my new “office/studio” room. Wait. That’s a story for another day.

Today, instead of the usual Zazzle product of the week, I decided to take a look at The KKH Photos Variety Store as if I were someone just browsing around for the first time and looking for nothing in particular. Window shopping if you will; and just maybe finding something cute that would look just perfect in that new space.

While I was doing this I noticed something that I had not realized was there! Zazzle is pretty awesome that way; adding new things to make it easier to shop with them. What I noticed was a fun way to sort through all the products. Let me tell you…store1

Right there on the home page, over in the black menu bar on the right hand side, just under the search box you’ll see the words “view all products”. That’s not the fun thing I noticed but you first have to click on those words to get where we are going.

Once you click those words  you should see a new page that shows you all those fun shopping categories on the cute little “brick wall”. Now; scroll down to the bottom of that “brick wall” and take a look over towards the right just beside the black menu bar. Do you see two buttons? One says “newest” and the other says “show 60”. The “show 60” just allows you to choose how many products show up on a page; that’s not the fun thing I noticed either. What you want, well at least what I thought was kind of fun, is the other button; the one that says “newest”.


If you click on that you will see 6 choices… newest, popular, price low to high, price high to low, A-Z, and Z-A.

“Newest” shows you the newest products to hit the store; however there is a delay from the time I create a new product to the time it might show up here. Sometimes that delay is several days long so just know that there could be something newer out there; it’s just not showing up yet.

“Z-A” will show you all the products in reverse alphabetical order so you see a fun Zebra Run notecard listed first, then after the zebra products you’ll see some Yummy Gummy bear items like a mouse pad for your desk.

“A-Z” will bring up the products in alphabetical order starting with the numbered items such as the #1 Teacher magnet. After the items that start with a number you’ll see them in alphabetical order starting with the A Few Clowns Short Of A Circus mug.

Oh; I’m sure you’ve figured out that the order the items are listed in may change as I add new items to the store.

“Price high to low” will show you all the products starting with the highest priced item which at this time is the Swirling Abyss Stretched Canvas Print. It’s actually a set of 4 canvases that, when hung together, form 1 piece of wall art. It’s pretty cool looking if I do say so myself. 🙂

“Price low to high” will show the items in the reverse order with the least expensive ones first and that would be, at least today, the stationery like the Textured Seashell papers.

And the one that is the most fun for me is the “Popular” items. I always enjoy seeing what others like the most. As of this moment the He Who Flies T-Shirt is in the number 1 spot followed by, High Flight Poem Poster, American Glory Ornament, and the Proverbs 3: 5-6 Mousepad.

So next time you’re browsing around the Variety Store and don’t feel like searching any one particular category try these fun sort buttons. Who knows maybe you’ll find something you just can’t live without!


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