A Cold Morning

So did I tell you about our drive on New Year’s Eve?

Well; L was all scheduled to move into the new apartment on New Year’s Eve and I guess that is just what we needed to set off the biggest snow storm we’ve had in a couple of years.

The nastiness we drove through! The first leg of the trip was a very familiar road to a town that usually takes only about 30 minutes to reach; this time it took us nearly an hour. There were places where you couldn’t see a darn thing past your own windshield!

We were traveling with 3 vehicles, D with the truck and trailer, L with her little car, and me in the Blazer. We drove down the road in that order; D couldn’t really see what was going on behind him but I could see what was going on in front of me!

When we reached the first “big” highway D headed up the entrance ramp and on down the road, L headed up the ramp and slid nearly off the side of it!, I tried to head up the ramp but instead slid past it and had to back up and try again.

There was a lot of sliding going on all along the way and you wouldn’t belive all the dummies driving around us doing 60 and 70 mph with no visibility on those slippery icy roads.

When we reached the next “big” highway, actually the interstate, D went on across the overpass and down and around the entrance ramp and on down the road, L went across the over pass and down and around the entrance ramp and her little car didn’t want to stop making circles. I watched as she did a spin right under that overpass, concrete walls on both sides of her, right there in the middle of the interstate, she made a 360 -and then some.

I’m sure you could all hear my screams as I was yelling… “NO! GET OFF THE BREAKS! TURN INTO IT!”…. “EASE OFF THE GAS!”…. “LOOK OUT!”

She managed to keep it between the concrete walls and didn’t hit a thing. (Personally I think someone up there had a hand on her wheel at that particular moment in time.) She turned that little car back around and went on down the road.

Yes; that day went down in the history books as the worse weather ever for moving. The snow kept on falling all day long and never let up even as we carried boxes and furniture across the icy parking lot and into the building. Big Thank You to L’s new neighbor who came out in the cold to help carry the heaviest things!

I guess I don’t have to tell you that D did not turn around and make the drive home that night. He stayed with L and I in her nice warm new apartment and enjoyed chinese delivery for dinner. Yum.

D headed home the next day and I was able to stick around a little longer and help unpack, pick up a couple of important things, help put the new furniture together, and even watch the new puppy a time or two.

I finally had a chance today to run outside and snap a few shots of what is left of that snowfall. Here we are 8 days later and it’s still fairly deep in places; this wooden pot sits out in the open where the wind has blown most of the snow away from it and it is a cold morning around here once again.

Cold Morning

Keep warm and dry everyone! Old man winter has finally caught up with us.

OH; and thank you bunches to the mysterious neighbor who plowed out our driveway while we were gone!!! It’s so nice to have that clean dry space.


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