Creating A Multi Purpose Studio / Office / Guest Room Space

It would seem that we now have some unused space in our house. This house has always felt too small before but with K & L both moving out over the past month we now have extra space.

Hummmm……. What to do, what to do…………..

I’m thinking NEW SPACE FOR ME!

Could it be that for the first time since 1986 I have a chance to create a space for myself????

Yep; I’m that old.

Can I really get my computer and light tent out of the kitchen and take my yarn out of the plastic bags in the closet?

Could I even have one place to sit down and pay those bills instead of having them tucked in a plastic envelope and crammed into a corner?

Is it possible that we could actually use all the kitchen space for, dare I say, a kitchen?

Oh yeah! I’m going to do it!!!

I’m going to create a multi purpose space; a studio/office/guest room space.

I will, with a lot of help from D and maybe even a friend or two, turn this newly empty room into a new space for me.

See all this nice empty space just waiting for me to move into! Before 1-10-13OH; it isn’t completely empty. See my “new” used desk? Just look at that 5 foot long solid wood heavy-duty thing waiting patiently for me to take over. I picked it up for just $20 from a very successful office building in our state capitol. I’m hoping that some of those creative juices are still running through it.

Before 1-10-13Ok so first we must fix that old damage from that leak where the storm caused the rain to come inside. Hey! this is Kansas, we get some huge storms around here. The roof has long since been repaired on the outside, and now all the old yucky stuff on the inside needs to come down. That old green carpet must go; and a lot of new paint must be applied.

I gave our old friend Google a workout and made him search for tips and ideas on setting up an office/studio space. I found that if you have a large space and do a lot of indoor portraits it’s a good idea to paint those walls flat black so that you do not get a lot of reflections going on and you can stay in control of your lighting. This space is not that big and I don’t do portraits; well not posed indoor studio type anyway. I also found that if you have a very small space and do only product shots without a light tent it’s a good idea to paint those walls a satin finish white to help keep that light bouncing around from all directions. This space is not that small and I do have a tent; Ok so I’m in need of a new one but I do have one. I also learned that a nice light to medium gray is a good compromise between the two, it won’t reflect as much light as the white and is neutral so that it won’t give you odd color casts, and it’s much more livable than a claustrophobic black cave.

So I’m going with gray. Right now I’m thinking white on the ceiling to brighten things up a bit, light to medium gray on the walls, and a darker gray on the floor (unless we put in a wooden floor) And just because it  is going to be a multi-use space I’ll add a bit of a decorative touch by painting the little bit of wood work in white.

I’m thinking of going with black and white for the furniture, and of corse wood grain because of my new desk and the old wall shelves that I’ll hang. Hopefully I can make that work. I’m thinking futon instead of a bed or couch so that it can be used for both with just a quick unfolding. Hey! don’t laugh. I’ve seen some pretty ok looking ones, and besides it doesn’t have to fancy anyway.

Yep; if I place the furniture in carefully, like putting together a puzzle, I think I can create a studio/office/guest room that Bella Dog and I can hang out in all day.

Wish me luck! I’ll try to remember to take more photos along the way I just don’t know how long this will take to do or when we will actually get started.

Wow; the last time I saw an empty room in this house was many years ago when we first moved in. So strange.


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