The Lion’s Guardian

The other day I took a walk around a little zoo and as I headed toward the lions’ cage I saw a huge swan walking down the path towards me.

I didn’t think much of it; I figured I’d just go around him and we’d all get along just fine.

Well; Mr. Swan had other ideas and they didn’t include me just walking on by.

Nope he didn’t want me going by… he didn’t want me getting any closer to the lions. In fact what he wanted was for me to get the heck away from the lions.

He ran, as fast as a swan can run along a path, right up to me and started making all kinds of noises.

As I tried to walk up to the cage, where the male lion had his nose pressed against the fence, that swan whom I am now calling The Lion’s Guardian  started to bite.

He chomped at my shoes…

He chomped at my ankles…

He grabbed onto my pant leg and pulled…

He tried to take a bite out of the leg of my monopod, I think that one hurt his beak a little.

He just wouldn’t back off!

Everytime I got closer to the lion his beautiful white guardian became more and more aggressive.

I finally gave up and went on down the path.

blog1-18-13 016

Later I circled around to come back to the lions again, thinking that Mr. Swan had had enough time to cool off and maybe even left for a swim.

No such luck he was still there…

still on guard duty…

and still biting.

Only this time he was after a little girl. The poor girl wasn’t any bigger than the swan; in fact I think he was taller.

As the little girl and the rest of her family got closer to the lions the swan became more and more aggressive to the point that he chased the little girl and took a good hard bite at her arm.

Got her too.

Daddy was not happy at all and he kicked at that mean ol’ swan.

When I left the zoo I could still hear the girl crying and the swan making a loud fuss.

I hope that lion was paying his guardian a good wage because I bet he found himself in solitary confinement before the day was over!

blog1-18-13 018


2 thoughts on “The Lion’s Guardian”

  1. I liked the swan photo… but not the lion’s .. I just prefer to see them in the wild… were I do see them… I know zoos are a necessity for education and all… but once you have seen these beautiful beasts in the wild you never want to see them in a cage again… sorry no blight on you… I have some photos coming up of them in the wild… hope you follow and see what I mean… love your blog… damn swan…

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