New Tabs And Some Valentine Fun!

I discovered something new for my FB page today. Oh; I’m sure it’s been around a while but I just came across it this morning. It’s a simple to use app that allows you to  add a custom page tab to your Facebook page and gives you the option of linking that tab to another site. I’ve had a custom tab for the Welcome page for some time now (in fact it’s time to create a new welcome page; that one is getting a bit old) but it didn’t have the option of linking to another site and you’re only allowed one of those tabs. With this app that I found today you can add several more tabs. If I have my info correct it’s a Static Iframe Tab; you’ll find it here if you just follow this link.


I also had a little fun over at Pinterest today. I gave my boards a Valentine look by changing most of the cover photos to something that fits the theme. I didn’t even realize you could control what picture showed up as the cover photo!


Feel free to check out both of these pages and follow along with my adventures. Oh; and once you’re on pinterest…. it’s OK to pin my stuff. 😀

Have you discovered anything new about Facebook or Pinterest lately? I could always use more ideas!



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