My Childhood Home I See Again

Last month I took a little tour around my old home town; I haven’t been there in a long while.

The first place I stopped was the town square; a pretty little park right in the middle of everything. I remember shooting bottle rockets across the park, and Santa arriving on a flat-bed truck to hand out paper sacks filled with candied orange slices, peanut clusters, apples, and other candies. I remember walking on the wall as we passed by on the way to the grocery store; I fell off that wall once while carrying an arm full of glass Coke bottles that we were returning for the deposit. In high school we’d sneak away from the school at lunch and buy junk food and sit in the park to eat, it instead of eating the school lunch, the principal didn’t seem to mind too much. And as teenagers the most exciting thing to do was toss the frisbee around the park while the boys drove round and round.

I also found the very first house I have memory of living in. It’s not actually the first place I lived; it’s just the first one I remember. It’s standing strong and up for sale! I will never figure out how all of us ever fit in that tiny little place.

I ventured by the old corner store. I remember walking down there with my older sisters to get a Coke. It’s long closed and the old building on the edge of town is beginning to fall down.

My main goal of this little tour was to visit my Aunt’s old house. No one lives there now, and it is in need of repair, but walking around the old place with my cousins I could almost see the garden filled with fresh tomatoes and see ol’ Pistol the Shetland pony in his pen. We tried to look into the windows but most of them were covered with cloth or cardboard to keep Nosy Nellies out. I do hope that someone gives that house a lot of love and care soon.

I had a good time on my little tour around my old home town… but like they say

“you can’t go home again” and I’m not even sure I’d want to.

The Square
The Square

My Childhood Home I See Again

~by Abraham Lincoln

My childhood home I see again,

    And sadden with the view;

And still, as memory crowds my brain,

    There’s pleasure in it too.

The Old House
The Old House

O Memory! thou midway world

    ‘Twixt earth and paradise,

Where things decayed and loved ones lost

    In dreamy shadows rise,

The Old Corner Store
The Old Corner Store

And, freed from all that’s earthly vile,

    Seem hallowed, pure, and bright,

Like scenes in some enchanted isle

    All bathed in liquid light…

Aunt V's House
Aunt V’s House

…Near twenty years have passed away

    Since here I bid farewell

To woods and fields, and scenes of play,

    And playmates loved so well…

Window at Aunt V's House
Window at Aunt V’s House

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