Photo Challenge – 15 Minute Photo Challenge

I found this idea on a video from the awesome folks over at Adorama it’s a 15 Minute Photo Challenge.

The idea is fairly simple…

1 camera

1 lens

1 location

15 minutes to shoot

All you do is grab your camera, attach a lens, go to an interesting location, and shoot for 15 minutes. You’d be surprised how many shots you can get in 15 minutes; they’re just not all going to be good. 😦

When your 15 minutes are up head back to the computer to take a look at what you’ve got; do what editing you feel needs done and share your favorite shot!

blog3-12-13 053

I didn’t feel up to venturing out the other day so I did this challenge in the near empty room that will become my new space. (at least I hope I get to move all my things in there before the year is over)

After you all guessed the textured paint on the wall with no trouble at all I’m sure you’ll figure out what this shot is just as easily.

I’ll have to try this again in a much more interesting location one day.


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