I’m Noticing A Theme Here


Finding your stock photos in use is a little like finding the lost needle in that infamous haystack, finding just one raindrop in the vast ocean, or clearing all but one grain of sand from the beaches of Hawaii.

Ok; maybe I exaggerate a bit… but it’s not easy!

Recently I did a little Google searching and managed to find a few of my images in use on the web. I snagged a quick screen shot of each as I found them and bookmarked the page incase I wanted to go back later.timesunion

After a while I began to notice a theme.

All of the images I was finding were couponing photos!

I guess that’s still a hot topic.

I know I’ve sold may other images on a wide variety of topics… where are they hiding?

If you’d like to see more screen shots with a few of my stock photos in use check out the KKH Photos ~ On The Web album over at the Facebook Page; and while you’re there go ahead and click that like button. (Everyone likes to be liked!)



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