White Roses, Purple Carnations, and White Daisies

A few days ago I did something I have never done before… I spent a day being the Mother of the Bride.

Yep; L and her husband M had a beautiful ceremony in a cute little stone chapel on base and followed that with a fabulous reception; dinner, dancing, and lots of fun.

*Insert Wedding March*

L was beautiful in her white gown with a deep purple sash and the bridesmaids were almost as beautiful in their deep purple dresses and white canvas sneakers. Yep; I said sneakers… love it!

The groom and groomsmen looked dashing in their dress blues; and the bride carried a bouquet of white roses, purple carnations, and white daisies.

L's Wedding Flowers

The father of the bride [aka D around here] was dressed to the nines in his new suit.

K, dressed up nice and looking good, danced with his little sister and I’d have to say it was an awesome day.

No; I didn’t take one picture that day. A very talented photographer named Jerry took care of that and I can’t wait to see the photos!

However; L and M gave both their Mother’s beautiful bouquets that looked just like the brides and you know I had to grab a shot of that today.

Aren’t they beautiful?!


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