A Month Of Newness

It’s looking like May is going to be a great month!

After all today is my birthday; what could make the month better than that?

Well sometimes, just for fun… don’t go thinking I’m losing it or anything, I like to read a horoscope. Today I did just that and it told me that because of all my hard work over the last few years I was in for a month of “newness”.


It says I can look forward to new surprises, new paths, new dreams, new adventures, new contacts, new energy, new power, new balance, new beginnings, new style, newly found skills, and even new money.

I’ll take it!

I even got a fortune cookie with my lunch today that said; “take that chance”.7d

Ok; so I don’t really know much about all that but I do know that I plan to purchase new gear for KKHPhotos.com this month [starting with a new Canon 7D!] and that I am working in my new space.

There’s some awesome “newness” for ya!

May is also going to be a great month because it is the 5 year anniversary of KKH Photos. Yep; I started selling my images in May of 2008. That’s a good start; now hopefully with all this “newness” heading my way things will really kick into high gear over the next few weeks.

Oh; there is one more new thing I’d like. I’d like some new weather. I don’t remember ever having the need for a coat on my birthday before!


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