A Visitor To The Bird Tree

A few days ago Bella dog and I were having a nice time sitting in the shade watching the birds.

Northern Cardinal

Everything was going just fine until this guy wandered into the yard…

Curious Calico Cat Outdoors

and decided to have a rest right under our bird tree.

He seemed to dare Bella to do something about it;

Calico Cat Relaxing Outdoors

she didn’t like him hanging about and told him so.


Bella Watching A Cat

Our visitor thought, that if he wasn’t welcome under the bird tree, he would climb up into the bird tree, and have some fun.

Calico Cat In A Tree

He had a good look around up there to see what all the fuss was about;

but he didn’t find one bird.

Calico Cat Up A Tree

Those smart little birds had taken flight as soon as our calico friend came through the fence.

“Too bad little kitty; I don’t think bird watching is for you.”


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