Spring Green

The other day I was out and about just looking for things to point the lens at. I headed down to the river and sat in a clearing for a while; nothing was moving. There was hardly a breeze. I guess the animals knew the storm was coming long before I did.

I gave up on the river and headed to the cemetery to see if the rows and rows of Memorial Day flags were out. The little ones were but for some reason the rows of large flags were not flying. Guess someone knew the storm was on the way.

I visited the small cemetery and snapped a couple of shots of the one lone flag I saw there as it blew in the now strong winds.

When I turned to leave I realized that I had parked along side a wheat field. Guess you’ve lived in Kansas a while if you can park beside a wheat field and not really notice it. Now there was something to point the lens at! Miles of beautiful spring green wheat just soaking up the sun as it peeked between the darkening clouds. Beautiful.

spring wheat IMG_1708


I’m not sure what it looks like today. We had some rocky weather after that; tornado watches for something like 7 hours last night, storm chasers in town, and more storm chasers filming from their heavy-duty vehicle while it was surrounded by a tornado just a little over 30 miles away, winds, rain, and noise.

They say we might be in for more. Maybe I won’t go wondering about looking for things to point the lens at tonight.

I hope that wheat field survives the storms; I’d like to point my lens at it again once it turns to gold.


2 thoughts on “Spring Green”

  1. Your tornadoes frighten the life out of me… yet you all seem to take it in stride as though it was just another small storm possibly on the way… thank God we don’t get them here…

  2. OH! They still scare the crap out of me every time! But I guess I’ve lived through them long enough that it’s just another storm. I’ve seen a couple while outside and waited out many many more in basements. It seems that this season is going to be a nasty one. There has already been major destruction from a few. Scary stuff they are. Oh great; now I sound like yoda. :/

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