Zazzle Product Of The Week — Crochet Stripes Binder

I’m sure I mentioned before that I am trying to teach myself how to crochet. #5 tried to teach me how to do it years ago but it just didn’t sink in. I could make a chain from here to China but I couldn’t do anything with it. Well; I’m getting better. I’m working on a nice warm blanket right now that I started a couple of months ago; it’s about half way done I think. Oh; it has lots of visible mistakes but it will still keep me warm! I’ll try to get a few shots of it and share it one of these days so you can see the progress.

Really that does have something to do with my product of the week.

I keep my printed crochet patterns in an accordion type folder right now but it occurred to me that it would be much easier to have them in a book. That way I could simple turn the pages to find what I need instead of digging through the files and pulling the page out; only to discover that it’s not the one I wanted.

crochet binder 1So my pick for product of the week is this Crochet Stripes Binder.

How easy will it be to punch holes in the print outs and tuck them in. Nice.

Zazzle binders from Avery come in 3 sizes with 2 choices of ring types. They are great to hold and organize all kinds of things; in this case crochet patterns. These 3 ring binders include full-bleed photo quality printing just add a set of dividers and your ready to go.  The 1″ size holds up to 175 pages, the 1.5″ holds up to 375, and the 2″ binder can hold up to 500 pages. That’s a lot of organizing.

crochet binder 2



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