Manual? We Don’t Need No Stinking Manual!

What’s the first thing everyone tells you to do when you purchase a new camera?David Busch's Compact Field Guide... 7d

Read the owner’s manual.

And what’s usually the first thing you actually do?

Toss the owner’s manual aside.

After all we don’t need no stinking manual!

Well thanks to David Busch we can toss those manuals back into the box and read something else. He calls them Compact Field Guides and they are so much better than the manuals that come with the cameras. They have nice clear photos of the camera with lots of detail shots, the language is much less technical [for lack of a better word], and the print isn’t nearly so small.

He has written several of them for many types of cameras like Canon’s Rebel T4i, EOS 7D, and the 5D Mark III. He’s even written some for those of you who shoot with Nikon and Sony.

A week or two before I ordered my camera I picked up a copy of David Busch’s Compact Field Guide For The Canon EOS 7D.  By the time the box from Adorama arrived I was ready to go.

Yep; that manual with its tiny print and unclear drawings stayed in the box. Nicely done Mr. David Busch. Thank you.


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